North Tazewell, VA: Simple, Easy Mountain Living

North Tazewell VA is a mountainous community that features the most amazing mountain views found anywhere this side of Appalachia. Tucked into a corner of Tazewell County, North Tazewell Virginia is a part of what's known as the Bluefield West Virginia-Virginia micropolitan area.

Because this area is so rich in outdoor activity, it's not a wonder that the outdoors is a major part of everything to do here. North Tazewell Virginia borders the Ridge-and-Valley Appalachian Mountains as well as the Cumberland Plateau.

One of the most unique places to visit in Tazewell County is Burke's Garden. Shaped like a bowl, this valley was formed when limestone caverns in the area collapsed. This valley is actually the highest in the state, sitting about 3,000 feet above sea level. It is completely surrounding by Garden Mountain and is infamous for its picturesque scenery and wildlife. .

Sports fans can also find much to do here, especially since the Bluefield Orioles are a stone's throw from North Tazewell Virginia, in neighboring Bluefield. This professional minor league team is an affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles and represents Virginia and West Virginia's twin cities of Bluefield. The Bluefield Orioles stadium, Bowen Field, is a historic site in Bluefield, constructed in 1939. It is located in the city park of Bluefield and actually straddles the West Virginia-Virginia state line. However, the stadium is located entirely in Virginia.

There is so much beautiful scenery in the area of North Tazewell, VA, it's hard to know how to take it all in. Camping spots are plentiful, as are nature trails and watersheds for fishing. Cavitts Creek Park Campground in Tazewell County is a favorite for visitors looking to get an authentic camping experience. The campground offers a well-rounded camping experience, with tents for those who prefer something more rustic, to a large bath house for those who need more modern facilities on hand. Kids can play on the massive playground and adults can spend the day fishing, hiking or just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful mountain views.

North Tazewell Virginia is the perfect place to get away from it all and enjoy simple, mountain-style living. Not located close to any big cities, residents of North Tazewell VA prefer to take it slow and keep things simple. If this sounds like an appealing way of life to you, it might be time to leave it all behind and head to the mountains of North Tazewell VA for a visit.